Ashley Edison Celebrates 20-Years Of Excellence In The Military Industry

This anniversary report highlights Ashley Edison’s commitment to empowering the global defence and enforcing countries’ military capabilities to safeguard their citizens. The report addresses the modern challenges faced by evolving military technologies, driven by the need for a clean and stable power supply. 


This article also presents a series of significant milestones that indicate Ashley Edison’s landmark contribution to the international defence industry. It also highlights the design philosophies of Ashley Edison and how we continue to evolve in tandem with the rapid pace of military technologies.

Addressing The Power Challenges Of Modern Military Technology

Throughout the decades, military technologies have grown in leaps and bounds. While armed forces are still investing in aircraft, warships, and tanks fleets, military technologies have evolved beyond conventional battle arsenals. Recent military developments have seen the introduction of robots, autonomous aircraft, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technologies. 


The emergence of new technologies bolsters national security, but they also pose unprecedented challenges to military engineering. Certain warfare assets require miniaturized electronics that demand a precise power supply. Military communication facilities depend on a clean power supply to ensure secure and uninterrupted communication channels.

The success of combat operations lies in ample training and preparations. Assets like G-force flight simulations are pivotal to ensure combatants are well-trained for actual missions. These facilities are engineered with complex electronics modules that run on precise voltage levels. Similarly, defence X-ray imaging requires high-quality, stable power to ensure its reliability.


Military engineering is witnessing a trend in increasing power supply voltage levels to minimize power loss. For example, the US Army-Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle has moved upwards to 600 Volts to address the underlying power requirements. Besides the adoption of higher voltage, military applications are demanding tighter precision in the voltage level. 


The demand for faster, more powerful, and highly-accurate military systems means there is little room for voltage fluctuations. The presence of harmonics on the incoming power supply was once tolerated, but this is no longer the case for modern military systems. Military power supplies need to be reliable, clean, and durable.


Since 2002, Ashley Edison has worked closely with the military industry and provided a high-quality range of power line conditioning solutions. We understood that military assets require a stable and clean power supply, particularly in mission critical applications, to operate reliably.

For 20 years, Ashley Edison has equipped armed forces in major nations with high precision automatic voltage stabilizers. We’ve stood up to the challenges of delivering impeccable power solutions time and again. There’s very little room for error in an industry that demands a guarantee for a stable and precise power supply. 

We have earned the trust of the global defence industries with our time-tested solutions. Our range of automatic voltage stabilizers is engineered to ensure military assets receive the precise voltage level required to power the underlying electronics and electrical modules.


Ashley Edison’s SES range of automatic voltage stabilizers offers accuracy within 0.5% of the nominal voltage level. It is also designed to operate in the harshest environments with inbuilt protections for overvoltage, undervoltage, or voltage sags. The robustness of the SES series made it an ideal military-grade automatic voltage stabilizer for defence facilities.

The Ashley Edison Design Philosophy


The answer to Ashley Edison’s solid history of successful collaboration with the defence industry lies in our design philosophy. Since its inception, Ashley Edison has embarked on a journey to provide a clean and stable power supply with our range of carefully-designed power line conditioning products.


At Ashley Edison, we believe in building products that last. Our engineers pay attention to the finer details of the design to ensure our products withstand the test of time. While we champion compact designs, we do so without compromising on the product’s durability and functionality.


Our design philosophy revolves around the customer’s needs. Ashley Edison understands that a highly functional power regulating product requires extreme durability. Therefore, we adopted the plug-and-forget approach to produce robust automatic voltage stabilizers with engineering brilliance and rigorous testing.


We believe in simplicity and embrace the value in our designs. Simple designs mean we remove unnecessary parts and minimize the risk of failure. By adopting a minimalist approach, we ensure that only features that contribute positively to the betterment of our client’s power quality needs are included.


By staying true to our philosophy for decades, Ashley Edison has solidified its position as a trusted power quality solution provider for the defence industry. Not only that, but the unprecedented quality offered by our range of power solution products also made them ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Notable Projects/Milestones

Ashley Edison presents some of the most critical milestones associated with the defence industry for the past 20 years.

September, 2002


Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) in Singapore Supply of Infrared Thermal Cameras

September, 2002

November, 2006


Ministry of Defence Singapore Supply of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

November, 2006

April, 2008


US Navy (in Singapore)
Supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply

April, 2008

July, 2010


US Navy (in Singapore)
Supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply

July, 2010

May, 2013


US Navy (in Singapore)
Supply of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

May, 2013

April, 2015


US Navy (Singapore)
Supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply

April, 2015

December, 2015


US Army (in Kuwait)
Supply of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

December, 2015

October, 2017


US Navy (in USA)
Supply of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

October, 2017

January, 2018


US Navy (in Singapore)
Supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply

January, 2018

March, 2018


US Army (in Italy)
Supply of Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

March, 2018

November, 2020


Attained the Total Defense Award by Ministry of Defence Singapore

November, 2020

Ashley Edison Leads Military Tech Into The Future

While Ashley Edison is proud of the accomplished milestones for the past 20 years, we are anticipating emerging military technologies in the near future with preparedness. Technologies like robotics systems, artificial intelligence, and military Internet of Things are bound to change the landscape of global defence systems. 


These technologies share a commonality where they are dependent on the precise delivery of a clean power supply. Ashley Edison has a solid track record of supplying the armed forces with unrivalled power quality products. As such, we’re in a prime position to unveil a new chapter of continuous collaboration with the defence industry.

Backed by a highly-experienced team of engineers, Ashley Edison is ready to take military technologies to a greater height with its range of ever-evolving voltage regulating products. More importantly, we align these products with the current strict military engineering and procurement requirements.


Ashley Edison is honoured to be a trusted military supplier of high-quality, precise voltage regulating products for the past 20 years. It is a feat achieved with engineering excellence, persistent innovation, industrial insights and great teamwork. Our accomplished milestones highlight the reliability of our products for mission critical military applications.

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Stay Safe With Greater Protection

As safety is our utmost priority, Ashley Edison prepares for every scenario possible
—taking the puzzle out of your protection.

Designed And Engineered With Safety In Mind

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to larger capacity units (≥400KVA). By installing high-quality protective acrylic shields in front of live parts, we ensure the safety of your personnel at all times. For enhanced protection during installation, all distances between uninsulated metal parts, busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.

Outfitted with fireproof cable trunking, this protective solution safeguards against long fire exposure even in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres—providing maximum safety for mission critical applications.

Fuss-Free Installation. Seamless Operations.

To ensure ease of installation, Ashley Edison addresses the concerns of contractors and installers by keeping it simple.



We keep the installation process simple and streamlined by allowing sufficient working space for installers. Taking the nut and bolt intrusions into consideration, we ensure that the distance between the uninsulated metal parts, the busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.


Even in units with larger capacities, all busbar terminals are clearly marked out, and well positioned in line for easy identification of individual input and output terminations. Installation of these terminations are similar to those practised in high voltage transformers.

Easy Maintenance

Annual Ocular Maintenance
Visual Inspection 230

Conduct Visual Inspection On Voltmeter:

Ensure reading is set to your desired set output voltage value (e.g. 230V).

LED Status

Ensure LED Status Indicators are at “Normal”.

Subtxt LogoAsset 62 RGB

Visual Observation Of Variable Transformer Surface:

Use airbrush for dusty environments if necessary.

Subtxt LogoAsset 72 RGB

Visual observation if carbon brush is not worn out.

Moving Motor

Conduct visual inspection to check variable transformers are all regulating (moving).


Accuracy. Beyond Imagination.

The digitally enhanced Ashley Edison MBB Card ensures pinpoint voltage stabilisation against the most erratic anomalies, allowing you to protect precious uptime, effortlessly. Harnessing ultra precision capabilities to produce some of the tightest output voltage tolerance available in the industry, the Ashley Edison MBB Card delivers ±0.5% voltage accuracy, enabling your load equipment to enjoy optimal voltage supplies, regardless of load change in your electrical system.

Expert Digital Control

Utilising the advantageous measurements of true RMS, the Ashley Edison MBB Card’s reads both perfect, sinusoidal waves, as well as complex, distorted non sinusoidal waves—up to 0.1V accuracy. Coupled with lightning fast response time of 1.5ms, this expert digital control feature equips your load with total voltage protection that is precise, continuous and ultra responsive.

AE Digital Control Display_230v

Universal Presettable Function

The Universal Presettable Function onboard the Ashley Edison MBB Card allows seamless control of your desired output voltage value on all 3 Phases—with just a touch of a button. This multifunctional feature enables each AVR to fully operate with just 1 card, instead of separate cards for each individual phase. Fitted LED Output Voltmeter Display and Alert Indicator better facilitates easy status monitoring while performing maintenance on your AVR.


Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

MicroController Unit (MCU) helps you to deliver high speed and reliable efficiency in the AVR’s operations with less heat generation and reduced power consumption. Used in Supercomputers, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) allows components in the Ashley Edison MBB Card to be aligned closer together, creating a more compact and lightweight end product. Additional safety wire-to-board feature establishes fail-proof connectivity between circuits—so you can work safely on your AVR.