Regulating A Greener Future

Ashley Edison

Sustainability Vision 2050

At Ashley-Edison, we constantly push ourselves to be at the forefront of sustainability in the engineering industry.

Our core beliefs of creating the perfect marriage between operating a cutting edge manufacturing process, with a forward-thinking consideration for the environment—have led us to establish the Ashley Edison Sustainability Vision 2050.

This green plan gives us the opportunity to put our best foot forward, enabling our operations to be as efficient and sustainable as possible—from start to finish.

This is our plan to meet our present needs, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Ashley Edison Sustainability

Sustainable Packaging
and Manufacturing

To address the Global Emission challenge, we ensure each and every step in our operations function sustainably to the best of our abilities. We will take action in avoiding the usage of wasteful packaging, opting for more recyclable and renewable options instead.


Ashley Edison is constantly evolving and improving by aiming to utilise greener substitutes for production materials. With thoughtful considerations of energy efficiency, longevity and recovery, we look towards a huge reduction of wastage and energy consumption.


In our manufacturing process, we are working towards minimising the use of natural resources to greatly reduce any adverse effects on the environment and community—safeguarding the public’s health and safety.


Also, you can rest assured that our equipment is assembled, and ready to be used safely. In addition, our products incorporate energy-saving features and low-carbon designs to help consumers operate more, with less.

A Sustainable Engineering World

We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and how it plays a huge part in perfecting our craft. To create value for individuals, communities and lifestyles, we believe in constantly working hard to reduce man’s impact on the environment, so that our planet, society, and people can enjoy a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Operations-Driven Sustainability

Maximum Efficiency,
Complete Sustainability

Our goal to enforce the reduction of primary and non-renewable materials will help ensure that our resources are efficiently used as we work towards improving resource efficiency in our operations.


By working actively with our partners and suppliers to develop a responsible supply chain, we allow sustainable practices to flow smoothly throughout our supply networks—promoting absolute sustainable growth.

Cleaning Up
Our Air

Limiting Air Emissions

We will establish relevant targets to greatly reduce air emissions generated from operations based on scientific data, and by comparison to the footprint relative to previous years.


All air emissions of volatile organic chemicals, aerosols, corrosives, particulates, ozone-depleting chemicals, and combustion by-products generated from our operations will be characterised, monitored, controlled, and treated as required before being discharged.

Being science-based and science-driven, our Ashley Edison Sustainability Vision contains our organisation’s environmental aims, goals, targets and business development policies.


Through our efforts to establish relevant action plans and KPIs, we can achieve our goals of becoming environmentally friendly, with zero environmental impacts. Ashley Edison prides itself as a champion for energy optimisation, practising these values throughout our company’s entire operations—globally.

Taking Responsibility Leaf White

Taking Responsibility For Our Usage

We pay special attention to Hazardous Chemicals & Substances

Ashley Edison strives to reduce all types of hazardous chemicals and substances by incorporating greener operational practices—constantly modifying our production, maintenance and facility processes.


We will identify and scrutinise any hazardous chemicals and substances that have been used in our manufacturing operations—ensuring that they are safely handled, moved, stored, used, or disposed of.


Regularly assessing chemicals and other substances used in our operations will be part of our process. This is to check if they post any potential risks to human health and the environment, while also ensuring that they comply with our requirements.


Hazardous chemicals and other substances that are harmful to human health and the environment—will be minimised as much as possible, or even completely avoided.

Moving Towards A Waste-Free World

Ensuring Safe Discharge & Waste Reduction

All wastewater and solid waste generated from our operations and industrial processes will be characterised, monitored, controlled, and treated as required before being discharged or disposed of.


To the best of our abilities, we aim to minimise overall waste generated, striving to improve our processes towards zero waste.

Promoting Sustainability Better, Together

Working with Partners inline with our Goals

We will obtain all required environmental permits, approvals, and registrations from our suppliers and partners—ensuring that they are regularly maintained and updated.


We will ensure relevant parties follow our close adherence to all operational and reporting requirements–encouraging all parties to engage in improvements to manage chemical risks in supply chains.

Playing By The Rules

Aligned with Regulations & Guidelines

We will implement policies and procedures designed to be in general accordance with management systems under government regulations.


Our materials and packaging will adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and customer requirements regarding the prohibition or restriction of specific substances, including labeling for recycling and disposal.

Thoroughly Going Above & Beyond

Active Monitoring of our Processes

We will constantly review and explore new and sustainable alternatives to existing products, ensuring they are ideal for use.


From our manufacturing processes to our global supply chain, we aspire to keep inline with regional regulatory compliance to ensure that our products remain hugely sustainable—for our customers, businesses and the next generation.

Our environmental goals do not stop there. As we constantly seek out a diverse range of ideas and solutions, we strive to develop more innovative and greener practises for our operations.


Charging forward, Ashley-Edison aims to foster a sustainable society with a low carbon footprint, a commitment to recycling, and a deep respect for the natural world—by Optimising The Present, and Empowering The Future.

Curious to see how we’re supporting other sustainable initiatives?

Read about our efforts of how we elevate the renewable energy industry.


From brownouts to severe voltage fluctuations, Ashley Edison takes care of all your power needs by delivering optimised, stable voltage supply to your electrical system.


Curious to learn more? Get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you with a quote or solution within 24 hours and put all your questions to rest.

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Three Phase

SESL-H-3P-S Model
Large Capacity Rating
200 to 2,000 KVA


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
250~300 KVA ± 15%
120~200 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 336
1280W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 339
1470W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600 ~ 1,500 KVA ± 15%
400 ~ 1,000 KVA ± 20%
300 ~ 750 KVA ± 25%
300 ~ 600 KVA ± 30%

Three Phase

SES-H-3P-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
60 to 1,000 KVA


Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
≤ 100 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
120 – 150 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
180 – 300 KVA ± 15%
120 – 200 KVA ± 20%
120 – 150 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 336H
1880W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%
180 ~ 200 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%
250 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 339H
2170W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600~1,000 KVA ± 15%
400~600 KVA ± 20%
300~400 KVA ± 25%

Single Phase

SES-H-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
1 to 100 KVA

Enclosure 102
270W x 460H x 490D (mm)
≤ 20 KVA ± 30%
≤ 15 KVA ± 20%
≤ 10 KVA ± 25%
≤ 10 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 103
400W x 580H x 500D (mm)
25 KVA ± 15%
20 KVA ± 20%
15 KVA ± 25%

Enclosure 332
380W x 670H x 780D (mm)
30 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
40 ~ 50 KVA ± 15%
25 ~ 30 KVA ± 20%
20 ~ 25 KVA ± 25%
15 ~ 20 KVA ± 30%

Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
60 ~ 75 KVA ± 15%
40 ~60 KVA ± 20%
30 ~ 50 KVA ± 25%
25 ~ 40 KVA ± 30%

Stay Safe With Greater Protection

As safety is our utmost priority, Ashley Edison prepares for every scenario possible
—taking the puzzle out of your protection.

Designed And Engineered With Safety In Mind

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to larger capacity units (≥400KVA). By installing high-quality protective acrylic shields in front of live parts, we ensure the safety of your personnel at all times. For enhanced protection during installation, all distances between uninsulated metal parts, busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.

Outfitted with fireproof cable trunking, this protective solution safeguards against long fire exposure even in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres—providing maximum safety for mission critical applications.

Fuss-Free Installation. Seamless Operations.

To ensure ease of installation, Ashley Edison addresses the concerns of contractors and installers by keeping it simple.



We keep the installation process simple and streamlined by allowing sufficient working space for installers. Taking the nut and bolt intrusions into consideration, we ensure that the distance between the uninsulated metal parts, the busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.


Even in units with larger capacities, all busbar terminals are clearly marked out, and well positioned in line for easy identification of individual input and output terminations. Installation of these terminations are similar to those practised in high voltage transformers.

Easy Maintenance

Annual Ocular Maintenance
Visual Inspection 230

Conduct Visual Inspection On Voltmeter:

Ensure reading is set to your desired set output voltage value (e.g. 230V).

LED Status

Ensure LED Status Indicators are at “Normal”.

Subtxt LogoAsset 62 RGB

Visual Observation Of Variable Transformer Surface:

Use airbrush for dusty environments if necessary.

Subtxt LogoAsset 72 RGB

Visual observation if carbon brush is not worn out.

Moving Motor

Conduct visual inspection to check variable transformers are all regulating (moving).


Accuracy. Beyond Imagination.

The digitally enhanced Ashley Edison MBB Card ensures pinpoint voltage stabilisation against the most erratic anomalies, allowing you to protect precious uptime, effortlessly. Harnessing ultra precision capabilities to produce some of the tightest output voltage tolerance available in the industry, the Ashley Edison MBB Card delivers ±0.5% voltage accuracy, enabling your load equipment to enjoy optimal voltage supplies, regardless of load change in your electrical system.

Expert Digital Control

Utilising the advantageous measurements of true RMS, the Ashley Edison MBB Card’s reads both perfect, sinusoidal waves, as well as complex, distorted non sinusoidal waves—up to 0.1V accuracy. Coupled with lightning fast response time of 1.5ms, this expert digital control feature equips your load with total voltage protection that is precise, continuous and ultra responsive.

AE Digital Control Display_230v

Universal Presettable Function

The Universal Presettable Function onboard the Ashley Edison MBB Card allows seamless control of your desired output voltage value on all 3 Phases—with just a touch of a button. This multifunctional feature enables each AVR to fully operate with just 1 card, instead of separate cards for each individual phase. Fitted LED Output Voltmeter Display and Alert Indicator better facilitates easy status monitoring while performing maintenance on your AVR.


Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

MicroController Unit (MCU) helps you to deliver high speed and reliable efficiency in the AVR’s operations with less heat generation and reduced power consumption. Used in Supercomputers, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) allows components in the Ashley Edison MBB Card to be aligned closer together, creating a more compact and lightweight end product. Additional safety wire-to-board feature establishes fail-proof connectivity between circuits—so you can work safely on your AVR.