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How Total Energies Leverages On Automatic Voltage Stabilisers To Maximise Profits & Operations

Case Study For Total Energies
in Luanda, Angola

Total Energies is 1 of the 7 “Supermajor” petroleum companies in the world and has maintained a presence in Angola since 1953. They are primarily active in exploration & production, gas & power, and renewable energies. 

Total Energies expanded their operations in 2012 with a newly built Commercial Building to support their ever-growing Exploration & Production business in the region. 

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The Problem:

Angola’s Pitfall Dealing With Unreliable Power

With frequent outages, regular brown-outs, low electricity connections and ever-rising electricity tariffs, Angola’s transmission infrastructure stand out as one of the least efficient in Africa.


While the Angolan government has stated that it aims to achieve a national electrification rate of 60% and improve electric power availability to meet the increasing energy demand of a growing population.


Problems of electrical reliability for commercial and industrial purposes have potentially devastating effects on operations, firm productivity, and growth. 



The Painful Impact On Total Energies

Total Energies grappled with a wide swing of incoming voltage fluctuations that was detrimental to the operations of its new commercial building. 


In what’s suspiciously a power quality issue from the local grid and an isolation transformer configured for a full load, the building’s voltage experienced a fluctuation of up to 448 V.


The huge spike would lead to a shortened lifespan of the connected loads, easily causing disruptive breakdowns or malfunctions that impact operational efficiency and even devastating downtime – risking the company millions of dollars in profits.





The Ashley Edison (UK) Solution 

Ashley Edison identified that the following challenges had to be resolved – while meeting the client’s requirements:

  • Total Energies suffered low incoming voltages of almost 289V (3 Phase).
  • Erratic voltage fluctuations to a high of up to 448V (3 Phase).
  • Conventional isolation transformers could not solve such challenging irregular mains supply.
  • Power rating requirements of up to 10 MVA.
  • Constant and stable incoming power supply.
  • Requirements for only the best solution in the market.


Upon careful investigation and meeting requirements, Ashley Edison recommended that the IVSI series of oil-immersed, magnetic induction, automatic voltage stabilisers be installed at the building along with the main switchboards. The Ashley Edison team is involved in implementing the following setups to eliminate the effects of fluctuating incoming voltage:


Reliability That’s Worth Every Penny

In 2012, Ashley Edison implemented a Plug & Forget Solution for Total Energies:


The IVSI Series – Automatic Voltage Stabiliser offers industrial-grade protection for 3-phase applications that demand highly precise output regulation. These automatic voltage stabilisers are based on the magnetic induction design, which boasts reliability, and low operating costs for a huge range of applications. Not only does the IVSI Series provide ± 1.5% regulation accuracy, but different models are also available to support a wide range of input voltage swings. 



Maximum Protection Against The Harshest Environments


This specified Automatic Voltage Stabiliser series includes:

  • Magnetic Induction, Brushless Technology
  • Contactless Design for high reliability
  • Oil Immersed for enhanced cooling and improved operational efficiency
  • Independent Phase Balancing & Control: Automatic voltage sensing & precise regulation to ensure the individual phase voltages remain stable – regardless of load change or unbalance.
  • Exceptionally wide input voltage tolerance that compensates low voltage values from 280V, and covers high voltage values up to 460V.
  • Transient Voltage Surge Protection (TVSS) to protect critical loads against harmful high energy surges, transients and spikes.
  • Big capacity power rating to cater for future facility expansions

The Complete Solution comprises of the following:

  • Automatic Voltage Stabilisers (Model: IVSI Series)
    • 1,000 KVA x 1 unit
    • 1,250 KVA x 5 units
    • 2,000 KVA x 2 units
  • Main Switchboards x 8 units (from 1,000 KVA up to 2,000 KVA)


The Results

As expected, the fitting of automatic voltage stabilisers ensures that the building receives a stable and clean power supply. The installation included a 3-year warranty on all parts but since 2012, there has been no reported operational issues to date. This installation still stands, powering and heavily protecting the entire development.

In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, Total Energies was ranked as the 29th-largest public company in the world. 

To learn more on how to optimise your electrical system and protect your uptime, drop us an email at [email protected].



Total S.A.
AVR | Up to 2000KVA, 8 units
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Stay Safe With Greater Protection

As safety is our utmost priority, Ashley Edison prepares for every scenario possible
—taking the puzzle out of your protection.

Designed And Engineered With Safety In Mind

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to larger capacity units (≥400KVA). By installing high-quality protective acrylic shields in front of live parts, we ensure the safety of your personnel at all times. For enhanced protection during installation, all distances between uninsulated metal parts, busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.

Outfitted with fireproof cable trunking, this protective solution safeguards against long fire exposure even in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres—providing maximum safety for mission critical applications.

Fuss-Free Installation. Seamless Operations.

To ensure ease of installation, Ashley Edison addresses the concerns of contractors and installers by keeping it simple.



We keep the installation process simple and streamlined by allowing sufficient working space for installers. Taking the nut and bolt intrusions into consideration, we ensure that the distance between the uninsulated metal parts, the busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.


Even in units with larger capacities, all busbar terminals are clearly marked out, and well positioned in line for easy identification of individual input and output terminations. Installation of these terminations are similar to those practised in high voltage transformers.

Easy Maintenance

Annual Ocular Maintenance
Visual Inspection 230

Conduct Visual Inspection On Voltmeter:

Ensure reading is set to your desired set output voltage value (e.g. 230V).

LED Status

Ensure LED Status Indicators are at “Normal”.

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Visual Observation Of Variable Transformer Surface:

Use airbrush for dusty environments if necessary.

Subtxt LogoAsset 72 RGB

Visual observation if carbon brush is not worn out.

Moving Motor

Conduct visual inspection to check variable transformers are all regulating (moving).


Accuracy. Beyond Imagination.

The digitally enhanced Ashley Edison MBB Card ensures pinpoint voltage stabilisation against the most erratic anomalies, allowing you to protect precious uptime, effortlessly. Harnessing ultra precision capabilities to produce some of the tightest output voltage tolerance available in the industry, the Ashley Edison MBB Card delivers ±0.5% voltage accuracy, enabling your load equipment to enjoy optimal voltage supplies, regardless of load change in your electrical system.

Expert Digital Control

Utilising the advantageous measurements of true RMS, the Ashley Edison MBB Card’s reads both perfect, sinusoidal waves, as well as complex, distorted non sinusoidal waves—up to 0.1V accuracy. Coupled with lightning fast response time of 1.5ms, this expert digital control feature equips your load with total voltage protection that is precise, continuous and ultra responsive.

AE Digital Control Display_230v

Universal Presettable Function

The Universal Presettable Function onboard the Ashley Edison MBB Card allows seamless control of your desired output voltage value on all 3 Phases—with just a touch of a button. This multifunctional feature enables each AVR to fully operate with just 1 card, instead of separate cards for each individual phase. Fitted LED Output Voltmeter Display and Alert Indicator better facilitates easy status monitoring while performing maintenance on your AVR.


Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

MicroController Unit (MCU) helps you to deliver high speed and reliable efficiency in the AVR’s operations with less heat generation and reduced power consumption. Used in Supercomputers, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) allows components in the Ashley Edison MBB Card to be aligned closer together, creating a more compact and lightweight end product. Additional safety wire-to-board feature establishes fail-proof connectivity between circuits—so you can work safely on your AVR.