Emerging Voltage Drop Solution Saves National Grid Provider Millions


Case Study For Radio Televisyen Malaysia (Rtm) & Pt Indosat Tbk


Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM)
Radio Televisyen Malaysia, also known as the Department of Broadcasting, is the national public broadcaster of Malaysia. Established on 1 April 1946 as Radio Malaya, it is the first and the oldest broadcaster in the country.


PT Indosat Tbk
PT Indosat Tbk, who has been doing business as Indosat Ooredoo since 2015 due to Ooredoo’s majority stake, is a telecommunications provider in Indonesia.



The Problem:
Broadcast Interrupted


Broadcasting businesses commonly face issues with voltage drop problems due to long distances and long cable runs – especially in the rural outskirts and mountainous areas (where they can be located as far as 10km from substations). This issue with voltage drops affects the performance and operational efficiency of broadcasting & communications equipment in Broadcast Relay Stations. Some other loads that are also negatively impacted include airconditioning in remote sites etc.



The Ashley Edison (UK) Solution 

  • Ashley Edison offered a reliable voltage drop solution to overcome severe voltage drops that had plagued the broadcasting industry.
  • To ensure all broadcasting equipment and sensitive electronics receive optimal, stable, and constant incoming voltages for maximum operational efficiency, we supplied an entire suite of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (Servo Electronic design), AC Power Line Conditioners, and Isolation Transformers as their solution. This suite provides optimized voltage drop compensation while maintaining constant voltage regulation at nominal voltage values.
  • Voltage regulation stabilizes the boosted voltage values with high accuracy voltage at ±0.5%, overcoming all irregularities – from no load to full load.
  • Selected units we supplied were built to cater to up to 60% input voltage drops.
  • Depending on the installation sites, a range of both indoor (IP20 enclosures) and outdoor (IP54 enclosures) units were supplied to help these Government broadcasting corporations.
  • Forced-air cooling was customized for enhanced cooling and better efficiency in hot climate environments.
  • Independent Phase Balancing & Control – automatic voltage sensing & precise regulation to ensure the individual phase voltages remain stable regardless of load change or unbalance.
  • Improved Corrosion-Resistant and Salt-Tolerant Design to ensure high maintainability and reliability.
  • Our Automatic Voltage Stabilizers include Transient Voltage Surge Protection (TVSS) to protect loads against harmful high energy surges, transients, and spikes. It also includes Lightning Surge Protection to protect loads against extremely high voltage surges and transients caused by lightning strikes on the supply line.
  • A Remote Operational Status Monitoring was incorporated for full control over any alerts/information in building management systems
  • High power rating capacity that helped cater for expansions for many many years (need to check how many years), and optimally prolonging AVRs life span so that it minimises the risk of overloading and preventing any possible faults – protecting their uptime and revenue.



The Results

  • No matter how severe the voltage drops were, our clients have managed to solve this problem with Ashley Edison’s voltage compensating solutions.
  • Loads were continuously receiving optimal and stabilized voltage levels at ±0.5% accuracy.
  • Since the installation of our solution, our client’s high-value broadcasting equipment have running on maximum operational efficiency, with no breakdowns, and lesser maintenance was ever required.
  • Over the course of close to 20 years, Ashley Edison has supplied over 428 units of voltage regulating equipment to multiple remote site locations throughout the world.


Lights, Voltage, Action

Automatic Voltage Stabilisers, AC Power Line Conditioners, Isolation Transformers:

  • Supplied from 5KVA to 80KVA 3 Phase
  • Over 428 units
  • Up to ±60% Input Voltage Tolerance

For a comprehensive consultation, drop us an email at [email protected] and discover how you can effectively solve your power problems with our wide range of voltage solutions.

To learn more about Ashley Edison’s Automatic Voltage Stabilisers, visit our product page here.

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM); PT Indosat Tbk
Supporting the Broadcast industry since 2004
Over 428 units 5Kva to 80Kva units
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Three Phase

SESL-H-3P-S Model
Large Capacity Rating
200 to 2,000 KVA


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
250~300 KVA ± 15%
120~200 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 336
1280W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%


Enclosure 339
1470W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600 ~ 1,500 KVA ± 15%
400 ~ 1,000 KVA ± 20%
300 ~ 750 KVA ± 25%
300 ~ 600 KVA ± 30%

Three Phase

SES-H-3P-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
60 to 1,000 KVA


Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
≤ 100 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
120 – 150 KVA ± 15%


Enclosure 335
1000W x 1300H x 580D (mm)
180 – 300 KVA ± 15%
120 – 200 KVA ± 20%
120 – 150 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 336H
1880W x 1480H x 660D (mm)
400 KVA ± 15%
250 KVA ± 20%
180 ~ 200 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 337H
1880W x 1950H x 880D (mm)
500 KVA ± 15%
300 KVA ± 20%
250 KVA ± 25%


Enclosure 339H
2170W x 1950H x 1340D (mm)
600~1,000 KVA ± 15%
400~600 KVA ± 20%
300~400 KVA ± 25%

Single Phase

SES-H-S Model
Added I/P Breaker Protection
1 to 100 KVA

Enclosure 102
270W x 460H x 490D (mm)
≤ 20 KVA ± 30%
≤ 15 KVA ± 20%
≤ 10 KVA ± 25%
≤ 10 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 103
400W x 580H x 500D (mm)
25 KVA ± 15%
20 KVA ± 20%
15 KVA ± 25%

Enclosure 332
380W x 670H x 780D (mm)
30 KVA ± 15%

Enclosure 333
490W x 800H x 990D (mm)
40 ~ 50 KVA ± 15%
25 ~ 30 KVA ± 20%
20 ~ 25 KVA ± 25%
15 ~ 20 KVA ± 30%

Enclosure 334
540W x 900H x 1000D (mm)
60 ~ 75 KVA ± 15%
40 ~60 KVA ± 20%
30 ~ 50 KVA ± 25%
25 ~ 40 KVA ± 30%

Stay Safe With Greater Protection

As safety is our utmost priority, Ashley Edison prepares for every scenario possible
—taking the puzzle out of your protection.

Designed And Engineered With Safety In Mind

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to larger capacity units (≥400KVA). By installing high-quality protective acrylic shields in front of live parts, we ensure the safety of your personnel at all times. For enhanced protection during installation, all distances between uninsulated metal parts, busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.

Outfitted with fireproof cable trunking, this protective solution safeguards against long fire exposure even in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres—providing maximum safety for mission critical applications.

Fuss-Free Installation. Seamless Operations.

To ensure ease of installation, Ashley Edison addresses the concerns of contractors and installers by keeping it simple.



We keep the installation process simple and streamlined by allowing sufficient working space for installers. Taking the nut and bolt intrusions into consideration, we ensure that the distance between the uninsulated metal parts, the busbars, and cable sizes are compliant with IEC61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 guidelines.


Even in units with larger capacities, all busbar terminals are clearly marked out, and well positioned in line for easy identification of individual input and output terminations. Installation of these terminations are similar to those practised in high voltage transformers.

Easy Maintenance

Annual Ocular Maintenance
Visual Inspection 230

Conduct Visual Inspection On Voltmeter:

Ensure reading is set to your desired set output voltage value (e.g. 230V).

LED Status

Ensure LED Status Indicators are at “Normal”.

Subtxt LogoAsset 62 RGB

Visual Observation Of Variable Transformer Surface:

Use airbrush for dusty environments if necessary.

Subtxt LogoAsset 72 RGB

Visual observation if carbon brush is not worn out.

Moving Motor

Conduct visual inspection to check variable transformers are all regulating (moving).


Accuracy. Beyond Imagination.

The digitally enhanced Ashley Edison MBB Card ensures pinpoint voltage stabilisation against the most erratic anomalies, allowing you to protect precious uptime, effortlessly. Harnessing ultra precision capabilities to produce some of the tightest output voltage tolerance available in the industry, the Ashley Edison MBB Card delivers ±0.5% voltage accuracy, enabling your load equipment to enjoy optimal voltage supplies, regardless of load change in your electrical system.

Expert Digital Control

Utilising the advantageous measurements of true RMS, the Ashley Edison MBB Card’s reads both perfect, sinusoidal waves, as well as complex, distorted non sinusoidal waves—up to 0.1V accuracy. Coupled with lightning fast response time of 1.5ms, this expert digital control feature equips your load with total voltage protection that is precise, continuous and ultra responsive.

AE Digital Control Display_230v

Universal Presettable Function

The Universal Presettable Function onboard the Ashley Edison MBB Card allows seamless control of your desired output voltage value on all 3 Phases—with just a touch of a button. This multifunctional feature enables each AVR to fully operate with just 1 card, instead of separate cards for each individual phase. Fitted LED Output Voltmeter Display and Alert Indicator better facilitates easy status monitoring while performing maintenance on your AVR.


Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

MicroController Unit (MCU) helps you to deliver high speed and reliable efficiency in the AVR’s operations with less heat generation and reduced power consumption. Used in Supercomputers, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) allows components in the Ashley Edison MBB Card to be aligned closer together, creating a more compact and lightweight end product. Additional safety wire-to-board feature establishes fail-proof connectivity between circuits—so you can work safely on your AVR.